multi-channel system

The advanced system for managing social channels and managing leads, all channels in one place! Used just like a CRM, through the integration of an artificial intelligence-based chatbot you can optimize the service processes and increase your income easily!

"Channel synchronization – WhatsApp, SMS, Chat, Email, calls, Messenger, Instagram"

Let's find out how it works!

Chat bots

An advanced interface for building chatbots with a variety of popular automations

multi-channel interface

Synchronization of all your communication channels in one place in 5 minutes without using a code


Managing processes with customers

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Chat interfaces are supported

?How can allchat help you

Use allchat to implement the conversion rates on the website and enhance the user experience on the website and perform integration with a variety of tools, in addition it is possible to build a chat on it independently at a high level.


A built-in meeting calendar that allows for the coordination of meetings directly through the WhatsApp chat with full synchronization to the business calendar

Lead alerts

Sending messages to customers who left details on the website, sending notifications about leads that entered through the website, updating customers about a new blog post

Ecommerce alerts

Abandonment notices, notices to the website owner and the customer after a purchase, notices about joining a customer club, generating coupons, creating users and more


Using an advanced API interface, you can perform advanced integrations with lead systems/websites/CRM, thereby optimizing the customer experience and optimizing business operations

broadcast messages

Broadcast messages through the official WhatsApp interface allow you to quickly contact the customers for marketing purposes and various updates and without fear of blocking

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Omni - channel

Support for multiple channels allows you to manage and centralize customer inquiries from all social channels in one place and integrate automation processes through a smart chatbot

?Who is the service for

A variety of built-in integrations and in addition an advanced application for make (Integromat)

Did you know that the opening percentages in WhatsApp mailings are over 85% on average?

Friendly interface

You can control the messages sent through a friendly interface, you can send customized messages according to the actions on the website, for example: a customer who purchased over $ 500 and from category x will receive a WhatsApp message after an hour with an offer to purchase a complementary product

Routes and prices

WhatsApp Business API

ממשק לניהול : WhatsApp Business Platform Cloud API
$ 39 monthly
  • Interface with 2 representatives
  • Sending and receiving files, voice messages
  • Full API
  • Webhook & API
  • full support
  • bot builder
  • Receiving location data
  • Built-in integration with Google Sheets
  • broadcast messages
  • Identification of arrival sources
  • Application for make

Omni Channel

360 customer service system
$ 99 monthly
  • Live chat
  • Instagram chat
  • Telegram chat
  • Whatsapp chat
  • Google chat
  • voice call channel (new)
  • bot builder
  • Built-in integration for more than 50 systems
  • Full API
  • Webhook & API
  • Built-in integration with Google Sheets
  • Application for make
  • Identification of arrival sources
  • Built-in meeting calendar
  • Interface with 2 representatives (each additional representative ִ$20)

Information and FAQs

In 5-10 minutes you can build a basic bot using an advanced bot builder based on a wide variety of useful templates

The system is based on only official tools that are approved and connected directly with WhatsApp's interfaces, for the full tutorial you should enter here, at every step our representatives will help you in the connection process

Registration and lead optimization
Product bot (online store with full synchronization to the sales website)
Sending information to customers, for example an invoice after payment
Mailing promotions
Automatic creation of coupons
Password verification
Sending surveys and feedback
Routing chats between representatives and departments
Dynamic mailing (customer clubs)
Signing documents online
Sending information to customers from an external system (Google Sheets for example)
Notifications about leads/orders from the site
Cart abandonment alerts on shopping sites
A full bot that supports channels – Google chat, WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram, Instagram, Messenger – Facebook, website chat

Certainly, the system can be connected to WooCommerce platforms, and to any sales website using integration tools such as Zapier/Integrat (make)

Our system provides an end-to-end solution starting from synchronizing all leads and chats to one place and in addition we have a highly advanced bot builder that contains a multitude of integrations for a variety of systems without code

indeed! We connect with a direct connection to WhatsApp interfaces and thus there is no risk of blockages


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